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Simon Ariel Duran, LMT


NY Licensed Therapist

Hello I am Simón Ariel Duran, LMT. Before getting into the healing arts I was a standout amateur and professional boxer who has come to learn and come to a better understanding of pain and its relationship with the human body the hard way.

After 15 years of experience as a pugilist I retired and became a graduate alumni from Pacific College of Health and Medicine as a Licensed Medicinal Manual Therapist. My interest in this field started from wanting to better understand the roots of my own physical trauma. My career as an aspiring professional was hindered by injuries from a young age I didn't understand at the time and kept pushing forward ignoring pain keeping my eyes on the prize without resolving the root issue.

Driving forward with no maintenance, too much fire and not enough water, this leads to imbalance. Because of how profoundly this has helped me I transferred my energy from fighting to healing (Fire to Water). At F&W Therapy we aim to help people feel their best by finding the root issues of pain and stress that hinder performance. I utilize a wide array of modalities to reach deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascia to release and free tension and constriction. All treatments are customized based on your chief complaint after a thorough assessment to achieve real long lasting results. We are all athletes in a sense because we all do something repetitive going towards a goal. Complex parts and an intricate system make up what drives us. We need maintenance. We need balance. I aim to help all in need of...

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To make an a appointment in my NYC location please email me at Fwnmtherapy@gmail.com

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